Welcome to the Komplex Group

At Komplex Group, we advocate for the very best healthcare being available to every single client, regardless of the level and scope of their needs. Through a network of specialist companies, the Group offers complex, domiciliary, mental health care and much more. Every client benefits from our first-rate training programmes developed and overseen by qualified nursing staff. Every client benefits from our steadfast commitment to world-leading care. And every client benefits from our unique approach to working together across the entire family of companies.

By sharing best practice, collaborating continually, and injecting our culture and ethos right across the Group, we ensure that people’s health and wellbeing remains at the heart of all we do.

Our innovative approach to care is the reason why we’re trusted by commissioners, practitioners and clients alike across the UK and beyond.

Our six Cs – Komplex Group’s core values

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Komplex Group was founded from the belief that everyone should receive the very best healthcare, in the setting in which they wish to be looked after. Living at home with complex health conditions was generally not an option in years gone by. Instead, the expectation was that they would remain for long periods within a residential, hospital, or institutionalised setting.

But with healthcare advances come new possibilities, and at Komplex we’ve been at the forefront of promoting at-home healthcare for high acuity clients for a number of years. We’re passionate about the very best outcomes being available no matter the extent or complexity of the individual’s needs.

We began the Komplex story with paediatric and adult complex care, provided by Komplex Care. In addition, the Group now includes Komplex Health which specialises in domiciliary care. And Komplex Community is a clinically-led mental health service offering community supported living, step-down care, and prison release packages.

Additionally, Komplex Direct focuses on training and clinical oversight. And Belgravia Healthcare Recruitment matches the very best clinical candidates with healthcare institutions across the UK.

In addition, we proudly work in partnership with Dubai-based Belgravia Healthcare.

Komplex Group: Individually brilliant. Collectively exceptional.