Changing the face of the care industry

Born from years of experience working in the care industry and a genuine passion to push standards higher across the board, recruiting dedicated staff is a core part of our work across the Group.

Each of these staff members benefits from learning at the Komplex Training Academy, a respected industry-leading facility which also provides training opportunities for healthcare professionals across the world.

“It’s not just about care – it’s about being part of someone’s life”

Komplex team member

Training Academy

Each new recruit is enrolled onto a three-day intensive health and care training course and e-learning modules, with additional PRICE (Protecting Rights in a Caring Environment) and de-escalation training and nurse competency evaluations dependent on the specific role being undertaken.

Training is bespoke to the specific conditions and needs of the client(s) the carer will be working with, and is developed and overseen by a dedicated nurse-led team at our Training Academy.