Introducing Our Group Values

Our Group Values are going to be a crucial aspect of the Komplex ethos going forward – here we explain what they are, and why they’re so important:

There are many key aspects to caring which go above and beyond meeting the practical needs of the client. Our staff make a real difference in the lives of the people we look after – whether they’re out in the clients’ homes or whether they have a support role at our headquarters.

All of our roles from care and management to training and recruitment require the demonstration of some really key characteristics. And we know our teams include so many shining stars who are exemplifying those aspects every day.

But it’s important that we clearly set out the values which are most important to us as a Group. And it’s equally as crucial that we celebrate those who are fantastic examples of each of them.

Which is why we’ve launched our Six Cs – six words which incorporate the values we hold most dear, which we endeavour to bring into all of our work across all departments and companies within the Group (Komplex Care, Komplex Community, Komplex Direct and Komplex Health)

Our Six Cs are:

  • Care
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Competence

Many of our staff demonstrate the values every day, perhaps without even consciously thinking about it. But by officially incorporating them into our Group ethos, we ensure they’re at the forefront of everybody’s minds. And it’s also a clear signal to those joining any of our ever-expanding companies of what the expectations are around the attributes they’ll bring to their role.

And this isn’t simply a tick-box exercise where the values are launched and then never spoken about again. We’ll be incorporating them into every aspect of life within our Group, from the recruitment and onboarding process to the way we recognise and reward our staff who go above and beyond.

So prepare to hear a lot more about our six Cs!